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This weekend we took the kids apple picking. We all loved it so much! The apple farm was about an hour’s drive from Toronto, but so worth the trip. Already, we’ve made apple crumble and apple cake, and already we finished both! The wine cellar has temporarily been converted to an apple cellar, and there are plans for apple sauce and apple cider, apple blossoms, apple bread and just plain old apples in lunch boxes and salads etc. We picked a variety called Silken, which are just super tasty and crispy. In a couple of weeks, we are going back for the McIntosh. They were a little tart this week and need a few more cold nights to get ready, we were told. Hot dogs and corn on the cob for lunch, then to the petting zoo, and finally the play area. It was pretty much a perfect day!



Just at the beginning of the summer, I got to photograph three very sweet teenagers. Stella and Ethan are twins, and were just turning 13, so the pictures were to celebrate this milestone, and big brother, Noah, joined in for a few pictures as well. Happy 13th, guys! I hope you’ve had an unforgettable summer. 2015-08-04_00322015-08-04_00332015-08-04_00342015-08-04_00352015-08-04_00362015-08-04_00372015-08-04_00402015-08-04_00412015-08-04_00422015-08-04_00442015-08-04_00452015-08-04_00432015-08-04_00462015-08-04_00472015-08-04_00492015-08-04_0050



I was lucky enough to get to photograph my sister in her 21st week of pregnancy when I went back to Norway this summer! Isn’t she gorgeous?! I love maternity so much, – I think it’s one of my very favorite things to photograph. And I love my sister so much, which makes this particular shoot all the more special.  2015-08-04_00202015-08-04_00212015-08-04_00222015-08-04_00232015-08-04_00242015-08-04_0025




I’m sad to say, I’m leaving Houston. We’re moving to Toronto in a couple of weeks and starting a new chapter there. On my list of ‘things to do before leaving Houston’ was having my photos taken by my favorite Houston photographer; Kat of Mustard Seed Photography. I’m so glad I did and I’m thrilled with the results! These will look so great on my new website – all those lovely greens and pinks – and I can’t wait to get started in Toronto! For those of you in need of a photographer in Houston, Mustard Seed Photography is where you should be headed! For those bitten by the travel bug, I hope to reconnect with you in Toronto. And I’m super excited to meet all my future Canadian clients, can’t wait to get to know y’all! xo xo









I had a blast with these cuties the other evening. In spite of much speculation about the local wild life, we didn’t see anything other than these little monkeys, which I was totally fine with!